Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Katelyn James Alfonso's baby dedication

James read from Ephesians 1...a prayer that we pray for both of our girls.

Oh how they love each other!
The three older cousins! Trey became a big brother just a few days later!
We ate at Vittles after church! Yummy!
Aunt Morgie had to leave early for work so she didn't make the group shot!
Katelyn's Great Aunt's and Uncle's love her so much!
James' side of the family...Pap came to the service but we didn't get a picture.
My side of the family! Katelyn was absolutely exhausted by this point.

We thank the family for coming to support us in the decision to dedicate ourselves to teach our children to Love the Lord and Serve Him.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Go Steelers!

Glad I got a picture of them smiling before the game started!

Karlee and Grand daddy playing football!
Love this picture!
I feel like Katelyn needs to wear a helmet around Karlee sometimes!
Morgie and Matt joined in at half time!
James was trying not to smile! I couldn't have made Jim smile at this point in the game!
The girls kinda gave up on the game and played beauty shop. Aunt Morgie is going to beauty school so she is learning all kinds of new things. We look forward to having somebody in the family that can cut hair! She is doing a great job!
We had a great time even though our team didn't win. Great memories with the family!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Katelyn 7 months!

Our little Katelyn is changing so fast! She is all over the place and now at 7 1/2 months she is pulling up on everything! She has a very funny personality! She is a great eater just like Karlee! I have really enjoyed making her food as well. We love our girls!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Potty Trained!!!!

New Dora Panties!!! Karlee is in big girl panties during the day and pull up for bed! She is doing awesome!!! It took exactly one week to be completely potty trained..now she just goes by herself and doesn't even tell us. This is GREAT!
I tried to catch her in the act without her knowing....funny that she was looking at a magazine!
She noticed and got mad at me....
but then the pee pee started coming out and she threw down the magazine and started cheering! So glad I had the camera! Her treat for going to the potty has been 5 mini marshmallows. I'm so proud of my Karlee! Now as I write this at 9:30 Karlee just went to sleep without her paci for the first time. She has screamed for the past hour and half. I feel so bad for her but it is time to get rid of it. She was starting to chew them and she could bite it into and choke so it's a safety thing. I'll post about how we got rid of the paci later!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas at Great Grans!

One of my favorite pictures this Christmas...Nay Nay and her grandchildren reading a story about Jesus' birth.
I love celebrating Christmas at Great Grans. Of course we have 5 wild children running around but I guess I'm just use to that so I am still going to describe it as a really peaceful day. Gran just makes things special! I love the traditions from the hot cider to the Christmas Story and family prayer! I hope that one day when my family comes to my house for Holidays they will get the same feeling I get when I walk into Gran's!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas at the Spiceland's (Nay Nay and Pa)

Aunt Sarah and the girls opened some presents Christmas morning!

YAY! A doll house! Karlee loves her new doll house!
Elliott was so content with just playing the toys Nay Nay and Pa already had at their house!
Lillie and Karlee!
Nay Nay and Pa got all the grandchildren a snuggle pillow...Karlee was already testing hers out!
Katelyn and Great Gran....Katelyn will not take a paci so we just give her burp clothes to suck on...
YAY! Katelyn got a new blankie to suck on! She LOVES her new blankie! She sleeps with it every night!
The girls playing together!
Katelyn just takes it from the big kids...I guess she is just used to it!
Katelyn and Elliott having a little snack together. Katelyn looks like such a big girl in this pic!
The best family pic we got with my camera!!! Everybody except James :( He had to work late that night. Wow...10 grandchildren ages 4 and under...and 2 on the way! (we are NOT one of the two on the way! ha ha!)

Christmas at the Sutton's (Grandmama and Grand Daddy's)

Daddy with his Girls!
Karlee and I made a Birthday cake for Jesus!
First present the girls opened was a baby Clifford and a big Clifford Karlee was excited until she heard the big one talk! She was scared so we put it away fast so that she wouldn't lose it for the rest of the night!
Aunt Morgie and Matt got the girls DVDs!
They loved their matching pink cowgirl hats and pink boots!
We worked as a family to help Katelyn open her presents!
Love my Katebug! BTW Katelyn turned 6 months on the 22nd! She is 18 pounds and 27 inches!
This is just how our family pics turn out these days!
Or like this...Katelyn grabbing Karlee's babydoll and Karlee attacking her!
All the grandbabies in their matching outfits! Poor Sophie had pink eye in both eyes.